A Four Year Sacrifice

I was in my early twenties when I moved to California.  I moved away from, what I guess is considered, my hometown, in Missouri. Living in a suburb of Kansas City I remember the first time I ever drove to Kansas City by myself. I was terrified, I got turned around by a ton ofContinue reading “A Four Year Sacrifice”

Dealings with Doubt: How to Overcome Mental Health Struggles Part 2

This week I am writing about the insecurities and fears I deal with as a writer turned author and the ever-present voice that pushes my writing into privacy rather than into the public domain. How do I stay afloat when squalls of doubt tucked within storms of rage crash against my shattered vessel of dwindlingContinue reading “Dealings with Doubt: How to Overcome Mental Health Struggles Part 2”

My Husband is a Minimalist

I am not. Since marrying, our 680 square foot home has gotten bigger and smaller. Since marrying, our home has gained more “things” than it’s probably seen in all its life. My husband has more clothes now that he has ever had since I’ve known him. He currently has 5 tee shirts, 2 dress upContinue reading “My Husband is a Minimalist”

Dealings with Doubt: How to Overcome Mental-Health Struggles

I have had a recurring dream for twenty years where I am alone inside a huge house and stuck inside a single plain room. The room doesn’t have a washer and dryer, running water, or a bathtub. No books, movies, or writing materials. A bare room with a small bed and nobody to share itContinue reading “Dealings with Doubt: How to Overcome Mental-Health Struggles”

One Year, One TV

For the last 10 years, almost half of which we weren’t married or even dating, my husband and I did not own a television. I didn’t even have a laptop, and so it was rare and fun to plug something in to the external dvd player hooked up to the laptop (before we even hadContinue reading “One Year, One TV”

No Mexico Trip for Us

Our trip to Mexico was canceled. We planned to on the Pacific Coast in one week for three months, but it’s just not happening this time around. What will be, will be. Here is a quick tale about what happened… Three months ago we posted an ad on Facebook looking for a house sitter andContinue reading “No Mexico Trip for Us”

My Rise and Fall

A short Era. It’s shoulder season. Just to get it out there. As summer is wrapped up, and the neighbors are out spending their Permanent Fund Dividends, every one is complaining of the weather again, and people suddenly have loads of free time – coming out of the woodwork trying to “get together”, we areContinue reading “My Rise and Fall”

The Rat Race/The Road Not Taken

Despite living off-grid in the middle-of-nowhere, Alaska, I still succumb to the rat race on a regular basis. A daily engagement of battle between what I need, what I want, and what everybody else has. A daily struggle to find contentment with where I am, to learn from past decisions, and to make wiser decisionsContinue reading “The Rat Race/The Road Not Taken”

13 Things We Are Working On

13 Homestead Happenings

Floating on a Pink Cloud

My daughter Primrose is asleep in her bed all by herself, which is very rare. Her sister, Marlena, is upstairs asleep in the Pack n Play. Their mother, Savanna, is asleep in her palace upstairs. Both dogs are asleep on the ground. The cat is outside hunting rabbits, birds, and mice. The quiet sounds ofContinue reading “Floating on a Pink Cloud”