A Four Year Sacrifice

I was in my early twenties when I moved to California.  I moved away from, what I guess is considered, my hometown, in Missouri. Living in a suburb of Kansas City I remember the first time I ever drove to Kansas City by myself. I was terrified, I got turned around by a ton ofContinue reading “A Four Year Sacrifice”

One Year, One TV

For the last 10 years, almost half of which we weren’t married or even dating, my husband and I did not own a television. I didn’t even have a laptop, and so it was rare and fun to plug something in to the external dvd player hooked up to the laptop (before we even hadContinue reading “One Year, One TV”

We Almost Named Our Baby Wendell

Farming in the far north takes a lot of…..trial and error. Just when you think you know the ways you can improve your crops, your yield, your soil, your organization and tools, the next year is so wildly different. Take this year for example. Every single person you come in contact with in Alaska thisContinue reading “We Almost Named Our Baby Wendell”

13 Things We Are Working On

13 Homestead Happenings

Don’t Mind Us

Site construction. It’s a theme. Some people say, “In Alaska there are two seasons: winter and road construction.” Har, har. Winter will be a time of construction on this site as we try to peck away at redoing our website and the many other tasks of life. I have decided to close down my EtsyContinue reading “Don’t Mind Us”

It’s a Girl! Surprise!

Marlena Joy Stark was born at home on August 11. We decided to keep our pregnancy quiet, all the way up to birth, from everyone in our lives with the exception of people who actually saw us and could see my belly swelling. Marlena succeeded in surprising us as well, as I was sure sheContinue reading “It’s a Girl! Surprise!”

The Hum of Spring

Sitting on ripped lawn chairs, on old buoys, or on log rounds eating s’mores around a fire boiling birch water into syrup, we hear the honking of the cranes come through. Looking up to see a flock separated into two groups our daughter squeals with delight. We watch as the pass over us as theyContinue reading “The Hum of Spring”

The Alaskan Winter

Darkness and slowing down are the main themes for Alaskan winters. A time of year to nestle in and cozy up to the wood burning stove, watching movies, reading, and sipping hot liquids. We really distanced ourselves from life outside our bubble. We still socialized, still got outdoors, and even went on vacation for anContinue reading “The Alaskan Winter”

This is Why I Live Here

Finally! Spring is here! Today was warm and clear with sunshine from 7 am until just now at 9 pm as the sun sets and I sit in the Laz-e-boy writing this post while Savanna breastfeeds Primrose and rocks her to sleep on the other side of the wood stove. 11 flats of plants takesContinue reading “This is Why I Live Here”