Books of 2020

We LOVE books in this family. We are so so so fortunate to have all of these books to entertain, learn, and escape with, to stir our imagination and inspire change. What are you reading?  This first picture is to illustrate that point. Our bedroom has 3 entire walls filled with books. At the beginningContinue reading “Books of 2020”

Poem for Prim

How am I supposed to get things doneWhen my whole dayRevoles around a tiny one? I try to mop & wash & scrubI’d even LOVE to clean the tubI milk & bounce & rock to sleepI sing & hug when she starts to weep. I need to put our things awayI can’t keep saying “anotherContinue reading “Poem for Prim”

The Lucky Cat Still Ticks

We’ve been laying low lately. Not that we haven’t been since covid. I guess I mean to say we’ve been inside our home more. We poured the concrete for the yurt. A full day of burning scrap branches to heat the water that we used to keep the concrete warm. We did it on theContinue reading “The Lucky Cat Still Ticks”

It’s Still Our Chair

I don’t think I have made a blog post since before giving birth to Primrose. The story of her birth will come one day, but for now, the time is: Catch Up (always). I am currently sitting in what used to be “Our Chair”. It is the reclining chair that sits next to the woodContinue reading “It’s Still Our Chair”

Being a Dad Without Having Had a Dad

Primrose Flora Lynn Stark is cuddled in my left arm sleeping as Savanna sleeps in our bedroom. Since they cat nap through the night as I get a few hours, I take the baby to the winter room in the wee morning hours to cuddle by the stove, drink coffee and read. All while watchingContinue reading “Being a Dad Without Having Had a Dad”

What Do You Want?

It seems hard to think what it is I should be writing about. There are so many things happening in my life, in our life, yet time seems to have almost stopped. A few times I have taken the train from California to Missouri. One particular time I woke up in the middle of theContinue reading “What Do You Want?”

Create Miracles

“When they tell you to shut up, they mean stop talking. When they tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing. Reach a nice level plateau and settle there, predictable and unchanging, no longer a threat.” – Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues What an extraordinary piece I have been reflecting on sinceContinue reading “Create Miracles”

Marching Out to Marching In

With my head held high! Next week marks one month since leaving my office day job to pursue matters of the home. This has been the best decision we could have made for our family, and I am so thankful Bob continues to push through and work full time to allow me to handle thingsContinue reading “Marching Out to Marching In”

What the Hay?!

Where the flip has the first of the year gone? Truly? It has been such a whirlwind, so allow me to backtrack and start from the beginning. New Years Eve celebrations haven’t been “my thing” since getting sober 6+ years ago and getting out of the bar scene. I am usually well asleep by midnight…however,Continue reading “What the Hay?!”

The End (of 2019)

I am so excited about 2019. Notice I did not say I am so excited for 2019 to be over. Honestly, 2019 was an INCREDIBLE year for me. My dreams really came true this year. Bob and I officially started dating, even though we went to a movie together in November of 2018- I hadContinue reading “The End (of 2019)”