Locally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Two young Alaskans working hard to quit our day jobs and support our family from the fruits of our labors.


What We Do

We do our best to live off the land by growing fruits and vegetables, harvesting free range chicken eggs, and foraging.

We eat, juice, dehydrate, and trade the majority of our crops, selling the excess to neighbors, restaurants, grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

Salmon is a staple crop in our household. Since we have a tiny battery bank and do our best to not burn more fuel than needed, we can our salmon.

Secret Garden in Numbers


Acres in Happy Valley, Alaska


Beginner/novice farmers


Awards won


Labor of Love


“Quality People, Quality Produce”

Bob and Savanna Stark are really doin’ it! I am so proud of them, it’s crazy!



“Adapt and Overcome”

These two have been through so much it’s crazy! They deserve every good thing that comes to them.



“When I say fresh, I mean fresh”

Their skin glows with youthfulness, and I know it’s because of what they eat!


Get to Know Us

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