Don’t Mind Us

Site construction. It’s a theme. Some people say, “In Alaska there are two seasons: winter and road construction.” Har, har. Winter will be a time of construction on this site as we try to peck away at redoing our website and the many other tasks of life.

One task being grading papers at school – Mr. Stark is the new Social Studies/Film & Lit/Music Appreciation Teacher for the Ninilchik school

I have decided to close down my Etsy shop for good, and instead, build this website into a storefront for us, as well as a blog, and any other misc info for/about us. Centralize! Organize! Declutter to streamline and have more time for creativity and love.

Primrose asks me to draw a boy every day. I decided to draw her and her sister, she was quite mad when she saw this instead

I have become a quite fond of the scheduling and I think if I can manage to get this site in working order, we could easily keep up on it better.

I swear, we do care about you Marlena

This should get us by until the new year hopefully. Happy Holidays!

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Family of four living off-grid in Happy Valley, Alaska. We grow food, write stories, make jewelry, and live a sober life.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Us

  1. That sounds like the perfect job for Mr. Stark, a Social Studies Film & Literature Music Appreciation Teacher, whaaaaaat how cool is that…Nice work landing that sweet gig Bob and I look forward to seeing the new webpage you two love birds creatively construct…You all look so healthy and happy, keep shining and showing off those beautiful smiling faces…
    Here’s some beats I’ve been work’n on, enjoy…


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