Mama’s Earrings

Our trip to Mexico in January was much needed on so many levels. We soaked in the ocean, baked in the sun, and ate tacos and street-food like Gods and Goddesses. We deepened our friendship with Primrose’s Nana and Bampa, fell deeper in love, and made time to relax and be together. Of course, we dealt with ungodly levels of litter, noise, and people– but it was overshadowed by the goodness of our time there.

While we were there, I, Papa Bear, was dead set on moving our family away from America and Alaska and relocating south of the border. The smile on my wife’s lips as she lay in her bikini on the beach, while watching our daughter run from person to person, into the surf and back out, until absolutely exhausted she passed out from overexertion.

You see, where we live here in Alaska, it’s never really hot. Yeah, we might have a couple 70 degree days during the summer, but they’re usually accompanied by hordes of mosquitoes so you really can’t get out and enjoy it without a thick coat of bug dope. And my wife has told me from the beginning how much she loves hot weather, so when we were in Mexico and I was able to see her in her element– I was hooked, I wanted it every day.

Now, there are other factors as well. Like the cost of living. For some reason, no matter how hard we work, we still are only barely able to make ends meet. It’s an odd feeling, being that we both work so freakin’ hard–for ourselves and other people–but we are always behind.

Whereas in Mexico, 1,000$ a month goes a whole-heck-of-a-lot-further.

To summarize the entire reason for this blog post is that we were super inspired while in Mexico, on so many levels. Savanna was inspired by the incredible artisans making beaded jewelry and other artifacts. So much so that she came home and seemed to have used osmosis to inherit their talent, because she is making some really cool beaded earrings now. I was inspired to write, write, and write some more, which is why I came home and published a book and am currently working on the second one.

We plan to travel to Mexico again soon, when– we don’t know yet. Will we move there? Not planning on it this week. In the meantime, Savanna is going to continue making awesome jewelry, I am going to keep writing, and Primrose is going to keep meeting people and having a good time.

Here is a link to Savanna’s Etsy page with some her earrings. Buy a set, maybe a few, support our family’s passions, and maybe our future excursions south of the border for more inspiration.

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