Warflower is Done

Fifteen years ago I scribbled the first draft of Warflower from a cabin in the Costa Rican jungle, and I have been slowly tinkering away on it ever since.

It was initially written as a way to save my life, to keep me from destroying myself after I was discharged from the Army with a heavy load of guilt from my time in Iraq. But over the years, it became so much more than a war story.

And I am so, so, so proud to say that it is almost finished and ready for people to read! I cannot express the feelings I have right now, but I can say this… with two raised fists in the air: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

You will HOPEFULLY be able to find Warflower at your local independent bookstores, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, KDP, Apple, and Libraries, and of course sold directly by yours truly at our small Alaskan Markets.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have supported me and believed in me along the way! I could not have done it without you.

Published by secretgardenalaska

We are modern homesteaders who live off-the-land and off-grid on the Kenai Peninsula. When we're not working on our land we are making and processing food, beading jewelry, and writing books.

6 thoughts on “Warflower is Done

  1. Good work, Bob. When does it hit the bookstores? Do you plan to release it at a signing, at Homer Bookstore, for example? Needless to say, I intend to get my copy signed.



    1. Hahaha! Thanks, Rob! I’m not sure if they will sell at the Homer Bookstore, but I sure hope so. The plan is to have it hit bookstores on the 1st of June. I don’t have any big plans for a signing/release date. Needless to say, being a self-published author means I’ll have to step out of my bubble and start self-promoting. We’ll see how it goes?! But I will definitely get you a copy nonetheless. Thanks for the support.

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