This is Why I Live Here

Finally! Spring is here! Today was warm and clear with sunshine from 7 am until just now at 9 pm as the sun sets and I sit in the Laz-e-boy writing this post while Savanna breastfeeds Primrose and rocks her to sleep on the other side of the wood stove. 11 flats of plants takes up the living room. We start the plants inside the house and walk them out to the greenhouse in the morning and bring them back at night. We bought a garden cart this year that allows us to take 3 flats at once instead of 1 at a time, it sure saves time and energy. An essential oil burner lets off the scent of Ylang Ylang and Texas Cedarwood, blanketing our home with a calm feel of tranquil ease. A volcano can be seen from my chair, Mt. Iliamna to be exact, the sun is behind her in her reddish pink perfection just like fireweed with purples and blues to my front. The dogs are settling down after a long day of outdoor play and my hands are cut and swollen from long sought after labor.
It’s been a good day.

A zoomed in view of Mount Iliamna from our living room.

80 degrees in the greenhouse today, I worked with my shirt off and was kissed by the sun on my face. Savanna and I planned out the garden beds, transplanted tomatoes, took turns playing with Primrose as she crawled on all fours in the dirt picking at clovers and straw, and smiled at each other.
The chickens explored further today than in 6 months and we harvested 18 eggs. They are barely eating any food anymore, little foragers they are. I get so much joy out of watching them. Primrose loves it here. She has so much fun every single day, what child wouldn’t?
Not to ramble, but life is really wonderful when I stay in the present moment.
I am currently reading a few books I wish to share…
The Seven Storey Mountain: Thomas Merton
Doctor Sleep: Stephen King
Night Sky With Exit Wounds: Ocean Vuong
Four Season Harvest Handbook: Eliot Coleman
Bible: Book of Mark

I am provided so much peace from watching the chickens.

Lots of love from this man, I hope you are all enjoying Spring like we are out here on the farm.
I wrote this poem while I was in India in 2008.

Ap Ka Nam Sundar (Your Name is Beautiful)
For Rosie O’Donnell
Every object on this planet
Is the same in beauty;
A white peony is no more lovely than a wilting daisy.
A snowy pine is no more lovely than a desert cacti.
The most celebrated cathedral,
Complete with every window stained,
Is equal in beauty to an Iraqi mosque.
Paris Hilton is not sexier than Rosie O’Donnell & 
Brad Pitt is not better looking than Stephan Hawking.
Orange juice & apple juice are equal.
A bottle of wine that costs two hundred & fifty bucks
Is the same as a five dollar box.
When you gaze at the Himalayan snow capped mountains,
Look behind you at the lowlands;
No view is better than another.
A diamond ring flaunted by an Indian bride
Is equal to a plastic Ring-Pop worn by an Alaskan.
One man’s Armani is another man’s robe.
One woman’s wedding dress is another’s grass skirt.
White pen, black pen, brown pen, yellow—
All equal in beauty.
The beauty lies not in the objects,
Do not let this common misconception deceive;
The objects, my friends, are equal.

P.S. Did I mention that I’ve finally realized the possibilities of working for ourselves out here and am planning to do so many fun little projects this year to provide better accessibility to our property and to beautify an already beautiful place. I couldn’t do these things if I was stressing over money and work for somebody else… I couldn’t do these things if I was married to somebody who was constantly hounding me to make more money, not take naps, and get a “real” job. My wife is the best!

Baby ate cold mud
With black smile and bright blue eyes
Spring buds almost here.

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