The Lucky Cat Still Ticks

We’ve been laying low lately. Not that we haven’t been since covid. I guess I mean to say we’ve been inside our home more. We poured the concrete for the yurt. A full day of burning scrap branches to heat the water that we used to keep the concrete warm. We did it on the perfect day. The last day of cold clear sunshine before it precipitated for several days following. Bob checked it last night and it was hard. We are excited to continue working on it throughout the winter. It was wonderful to get out in the sunshine. To help Bob. To have Primrose be apart of the process as well. We are going to make a lot of memories in that yurt, and these are the beginning of those. There will be so much love. There is so much love. I forgot to go out and draw hearts in each one. Is my brain still shrunken?…mom life…

Prim gets a gold star for letting us basically ignore her all day and work

Our home in warm from firewood, our body heat and love. We have spent the last several days binge watching things on the computer. We bought some movies and rented a TV show from the Library. It’s nice to switch it up. We are still reading a lot- I started a new book, Bob has been into his magazine subscription, we read daily from the same book in the morning and the evening. We have also made a new routine for ourselves. As soon as Prim is laid down for bedtime, we spend 30 minutes writing. What a difference it makes. I’m trying to write poetry. It’s never as good as Bob’s is, and when he shares, I always want to cry.

My seriously romantic husband took us for a drive in the snow around the neighborhood drinking hot apple cider

Yesterday we walked down through the muskeg to the creek. It was hard to see where I was going having Prim strapped to my chest. Bobs leg was bothering him. It was difficult for us both to walk there, trudging through the swampy ice. Our old dog Nala turned into a young pup and wore herself out. We stopped many times to take in the beauty of our property and beyond. It was a place I had never been before. Prim fell asleep inside the wrap, on top of my sweater, under my flannel, under Bobs poofy jacket. He laughed as he buttoned me up saying I looked “tight” and like I belonged in “Total Recall”- I took it as a great compliment. As we were walking back, we could see our house and I thought how strange it is to be down below. We always see moose down here. I imagined us inside, eating breakfast and spotting ourselves walk below.

Parallel lives.

All the place we could be.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here.

Marrying Bob was the best decision of my life

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