What the Hay?!

Where the flip has the first of the year gone? Truly? It has been such a whirlwind, so allow me to backtrack and start from the beginning.

New Years Eve celebrations haven’t been “my thing” since getting sober 6+ years ago and getting out of the bar scene. I am usually well asleep by midnight…however, this year, Bob and I stayed up well into the night. He had made me a castle of pillows as I had heartburn so bad, I couldn’t sleep, and I wouldn’t allow him to either. I have fallen behind on my New Years tradition of reading through my gratitude jar, but hey, we’ve been busy.

We were able to “sneak” into this beautiful church in downtown Kansas City, Missouri

We went in mid January to Missouri to visit my family for a couple of weeks. It was a nonstop party after party after party. We did SO MUCH SOCIALIZING. We celebrated 4 birthdays and my family threw Bob and I a sweet baby shower where we received more gifts and hand-me-downs then I could have imagined. Despite myself having a serious meltdown, it was such quality time with family. And what a good reminder what it is to be family. I am so thankful for Bob and the way he is able to support me, regardless of the circumstances, the tempers and fits I may be throwing, and the unconditional love he chooses to give to me. It is such a hard and tiring task to consistently put the needs of someone else above your own and I just can’t stop wondering how the heck I ended up being The Luckiest Lady in All the Lands. I am absolutely sure that no one has ever had it better than me.

Our Baby Shower

Fast forward into now, because you know the weeks after getting back from a trip are always a blur…..our house was a frozen ice cube with crystal balls in the toilet and ice on the windows…but no burst pipes, nothing amiss but one full bottle of apple cider vinegar exploded- the expensive kind too…BUT here we are now.

We took a hike in Kansas. Bob was saying this lake must be man made.
How am I so lucky?

Bob has been working away, working away, working away. Boy do I keep that man busy. On top of his full time job he is building shelves, and fixing cars, and making me food and smoothies, chopping wood and keeping fires, taking the dogs out and feeding the chickens. One of his love languages is service. So aside from working and serving the peers there and serving me, he is also serving in his community and he is serving as a member of the 907 VETS which is booming like crazy. This group is picking up so much speed and doing so well and helping so many people in the community, I can’t wait for him to be able to take some time out and write on here himself about all these endeavors and the others he is doing.

Dream Boat

I have left my day job with the traditional council, retiring to……..a whole lot. Bob and I bought our business license yesterday, so it’s official people! We are business owners on paper, now we can be all legal and pay taxes and….what else does having a license do? Beets me. So our farm Secret Garden Alaska is legit, we bought a yurt and are doing my lifelong dream of having a Bed and Breakfast. I know Homer and this area is pretty “blown out”, as people say, for B&B but thats because everyone is doing this new agey airBnB- which don’t get me wrong, we will advertise on there, but I am a traditional woman (are you raising your eyebrows….BOB?!…) with traditional likings and I want to have the ol’ fashioned type where, “HELLO! GOOD MORNING! I cooked you breakfast from our fresh eggs, fresh produce and here’s a fresh mashed berry drink. Oh, would you like me to make you lunch and/or dinner as well? Won’t you join my family and I?” [Apron always on].

So along with needing the extra time to keep up with the farm and the B&B, Bob came home with a very special present for me last week. I am now the proud Mama of a baby bunny. “It’s a BLACK bunny!!!!!” and I couldn’t be more excited. I have named him/her Unchi, which in Japanese means poop, because well….yes, I am being pooped on 24/7. We will start litter training this week, but seeing how the babies eyes have only been open for less than a week, it seems like the best route was to take it slow and introduce Unchi into our family very gradually and peacefully. Nala is so excited that there is a baby in the house and she is just drooling and staring and she can’t give enough loving, longing looks.

I thought Bob was going to give me a doughnut

Onto the Mama and baby front, we saw our lil nug this last week in an ultrasound. We I had decided I did not want an ultrasound but knowing how much it would mean to Bob, I surprised him and myself. What an incredible experience. We saw our perfect baby yawning, and grabbing their feet, and being dramatic and squiggly and squirming. If I hadn’t felt pregnant I sure do now and it brings so much more connection into our lives than before. Everyday I’m able to feel this tiny person inside of me and know that I am housing and comforting them by just simply being me. Talk about life changing, mind altering, mood enhancing, heart opening spirituality. This is something I’ve never experienced in such an intense, yet peaceful way. I am so lucky to be one of those people who just absolutely, undeniably, full heartedly LOVE being pregnant.

I’ve been away from Unchi too long, I must go and hold the bunny while making dinner for my dream boat to come home from work. I’ve really missed him.

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    1. Thank you so much! We are truly blessed! When life is as good as it is today, it sometimes takes work not to worry about some kind of impending doom. Instead of worrying about what hasn’t happened (and probably won’t), we work hard to focus on the wonderful moment. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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