Almost Christmas

We thinned out the yard and have ourselves a Christmas tree

It is our first Christmas together and we are so darn lucky to have countless gifts. A tree with lights with gifts underneath, homemade stockings full of goodies, a warm home, happy dogs, and chickens that are still laying, a cat that is recovering from being singed on a candle while trying to get at the bacon grease, running vehicles that are paid off, and a job where we can work together and grow together. Life is good.

Making my first stocking

We went cross country skiing a couple weeks ago after a heavy snowfall, it was Savanna’s first time and she had a blast. The following day, a warm storm came through and melted the snow with heavy rainfall that flooded our road and nearby rivers. The way this winter is looking, it may be the only chance we have to play in the snow, and I am sure happy we took advantage of the opportunity.

If only the snow stuck around!

We have been working on finishing the house, which we have learned, can be very difficult when you live in it. I have been working on finishing a book I thought was done, and Savanna has been working on… well… things that are WAY more important than anything I am working on. A changing body.

What do you think about the new color?

We went out for pizza and a play the other night, Savanna in a beautiful red dress and me in a vest with a tie. An older woman commented on how lovely Savanna looked in her dress and how unfortunate it was that the children in The Nutcracker had worked so hard on the play and the majority of people showed up wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts. We have been going to every Bazaar we can find to support local artists, and it’s been quite fun.

Savanna at the Soldotna Bazaar

I didn’t know it was possible to be married to the best looking, awesomest person alive, but it is. And when I think that life couldn’t get any better, it does. Whether we have snow on the ground or not, it doesn’t really matter as long as I am with Savanna. Sometimes I sit in our candlelit home out in the middle of the dark woods and I wonder if pilots and satellites that fly overhead can see the radiant love and energy that must be beaming out the windows, because I feel it.

We planted this Austrian Black Pine the day we got married, September 13, 2019

In just over a week from today, we will open our Christmas gifts together and share in a newfound joy of celebrating another landmark.

We like to party!!! Nachos party!

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