Missing Summer Already

2019 Ninilchik Farmers Market

Is anyone else missing summer already or is it just me? As the days have gotten significantly shorter, so has my energy levels. We seemed to have done so much in the summer, and if the grass is greener on the other side, we seemed to have accomplish everything as well (although, if I think for half a moment longer, I remember so many conversations Bob and I had about how to make more time in our days).
Every month I get pictures from my phone printed off into a physical copy. This last week I got this picture, which has no doubt sparked my longing for summer- for the sun on my skin, the dirt under my nails, the time Bob and I spent working hard and sweating together, and the food we were able to nourish ourselves with.
Now that the season has changed we are having to adjust, adapt, find new ways to nourish ourselves. We sleep in, in our new luxurious bed, we read books and go for night walks, and we still make food. I am dedicated to bake more, bringing a little more warmth and coziness into our home this winter. I’m now feeding not just myself but this family we have created.

Bob and I baked these tonight
Husband, dogs, and cat approved

I may be missing summer but I sure am enjoying the change of season and the constant love and support from my husband.
Savanna Joy

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Best friends raising two daughters off-grid in a remote area of Alaska. We grow food, write stories, make jewelry, and live a sober life.

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  1. Savanna & Bob- love your page, determination, hard work, adventerous spirit and especially your vision! And hurray for sobriety! 38 years for me (Steve). Looking forward to sharing ideas, knowledge and insite in growing here on the peninsula! Come by when you can!
    Steve and Janine Holmes from plant based cooking class.

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