In Honor of Poetry

When somebody asks me, “What kind of writing do you do?” I always say the same thing. “If I could only write Rhyming Poetry for the rest of my life, that is what I’d do.” But nowadays, it seems like Rhyming Poetry (with rhymes at the end of lines) is something of the past. Something that is only for Songwriting, certainly not for Serious Literature Aficionados or anybody who really knows something about Poetry. While Rhyming Poetry is not the only Poetry I enjoy writing and reading, it is my favorite.

Growing up in Alaska, I have always been a fan of Robert Service.

Much of the Poetry today seems to be written in a way that can only be understood by the writer, which makes them seem like they are on some kind of Deeper Level of Consciousness than the rest of us mere mortals.

And then there is the image of a poet… UGH! So serious and melancholy, mysterious and self-sabotaging. I went to a Poetry Reading a couple years ago where I was the first person to walk into the door. The lady at the door asked, “How are you doing?” When I said, “Really well. It’s been a beautiful day! And you?” She looked at me, in her black jeans and black shirt with black eyes, and said, “Really? Ha! With all that is going on in the world, you’re doing great?” I mumbled something and walked away to hide among the bookshelves. As the other Poets entered the Book Store (Last Word Books in Olympia, Washington), she asked them the same thing and every one of them Sighed deeply and complained about their misfortunes. Because of these “Poets” who “Know Poetry”, I have refused to consider myself a Poet just as I refuse to consider myself an Artist.

Langston Hughes has also been a great inspiration to me as a writer.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you Ladies and Gentleman and Non-Binary Friends and Family. That’s not the type of poetry I enjoy reading or writing. I have enough dark shit and happy shit to think about everyday, I certainly don’t want to try and figure out what a Poet is trying to say. However, I will admit, I am not the most intelligent of all Humans, my IQ is probably in the lowest percentile, so while I don’t enjoy reading Poetry that I don’t understand, I do give kudos to the WordPlay that many poets use. And hell, I enjoy reading and writing almost as much as growing food, raising a baby and being married… sometimes even more, but don’t tell my family that…

Because April is National Poetry Month, I decided to write and post a poem everyday as something to motivate me to share some of my own life with others. Take it or leave it, I really don’t care. I just hope that it inspires you to write your own story down in Poetry, and to break free from the Reins of Fine Art.
Who are some of your favorite poets? Are you willing to share your poetry with me?

Maya Angelou’s life and words have taught me how to love myself, forgive others, and Write Write Write!

Easter Bunny

You crawl like an ant from tall blade to deep hill
Chewing on bark, fur, oats and books.
Smiling and laughing you shout, “Up, up, up!”
While looking up to us for guidance, support, love and fun.

Attacked by the cat then licked by the pup
Drinking hot maté from Dad’s special cup
You wail when outside of Mother’s Long reach
And suck from her nipples like the first human leech.

Primrose: You are my volcano next to the sea
Spewing hot lava out in the country
Your father and mother will continue to be
In love with each other and our Easter Bunny.

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