Adventure (and a bigger house)

Last night we ate dinner with a sweet lady who said, “We are ‘tiny house people.’ Our place is only 1,600 square feet, with a full basement. It can be tight.”I had no reply. Our home is 700 square feet, and we didn’t use the upstairs for the first two years of Prim’s life inContinue reading “Adventure (and a bigger house)”

Not Always Rose Hips and Honey

Two days ago we were pregnant.Today, we are not.Life and death can happen within a single hummingbird’s wing flap.Ravens soared with 40 mph wind gusts today, they did not laugh, instead- They cried a melancholy “Caw!” and then were gone. Savanna returned home from the blood test with a Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, so I knewContinue reading “Not Always Rose Hips and Honey”

Poem for Prim

How am I supposed to get things doneWhen my whole dayRevoles around a tiny one? I try to mop & wash & scrubI’d even LOVE to clean the tubI milk & bounce & rock to sleepI sing & hug when she starts to weep. I need to put our things awayI can’t keep saying “anotherContinue reading “Poem for Prim”