My Rise and Fall

A short Era. It’s shoulder season. Just to get it out there. As summer is wrapped up, and the neighbors are out spending their Permanent Fund Dividends, every one is complaining of the weather again, and people suddenly have loads of free time – coming out of the woodwork trying to “get together”, we areContinue reading “My Rise and Fall”

Not Always Rose Hips and Honey

Two days ago we were pregnant.Today, we are not.Life and death can happen within a single hummingbird’s wing flap.Ravens soared with 40 mph wind gusts today, they did not laugh, instead- They cried a melancholy “Caw!” and then were gone. Savanna returned home from the blood test with a Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, so I knewContinue reading “Not Always Rose Hips and Honey”