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  • Film as Literature

    Film as Literature

    I have done many jobs in my life. From a newspaper delivery boy on rollerblades to licking envelopes for a monthly newsletter; from bussing tables at a busy restaurant to washing dishes; from kicking down doors as an infantryman in Iraq to writing articles as a journalist; from making and selling peanut butter in GuatemalaContinue… Read more

  • Step Brothers, To Love or To Hate

    Step Brothers, To Love or To Hate

    Step BrothersDirected by: Adam McKay2008 Step Brothers is a movie that people either love or hate. Some may view it as raunchy, loud, crass, and unbelievable. With characters so foolish, disgusting, lazy, and unlovable that we truly hate them. The sets are bland, costumes dull, and props objectionable. There is not much for the eyeContinue… Read more

  • New Site, New Shop

    New Site, New Shop

    Dearest Friends and Family, We have stepped outside of our comfort zones and entered the world of Online Stores. We, Secret Garden Alaska, have officially become an online marketplace. We have been brainstorming for the past year where to sell our beaded jewelry, books, handicrafts, dried foodstuffs, and fresh produce and eggs and all roadsContinue… Read more

  • Don’t Mind Us

    Site construction. It’s a theme. Some people say, “In Alaska there are two seasons: winter and road construction.” Har, har. Winter will be a time of construction on this site as we try to peck away at redoing our website and the many other tasks of life. I have decided to close down my EtsyContinue… Read more

  • how does this work

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  • It’s a Girl! Surprise!

    Marlena Joy Stark was born at home on August 11. We decided to keep our pregnancy quiet, all the way up to birth, from everyone in our lives with the exception of people who actually saw us and could see my belly swelling. Marlena succeeded in surprising us as well, as I was sure sheContinue… Read more