The Stark Highway

  • My Rise and Fall

    My Rise and Fall

    A short Era. It’s shoulder season. Just to get it out there. As summer is wrapped up, and the neighbors are out spending their Permanent Fund Dividends, every one is complaining of the weather again, and people suddenly have loads of free time – coming out of the woodwork trying to “get together”, we areContinue… Read more

  • We Almost Named Our Baby Wendell

    We Almost Named Our Baby Wendell

    Farming in the far north takes a lot of…..trial and error. Just when you think you know the ways you can improve your crops, your yield, your soil, your organization and tools, the next year is so wildly different. Take this year for example. Every single person you come in contact with in Alaska thisContinue… Read more

  • The Rat Race/The Road Not Taken

    The Rat Race/The Road Not Taken

    Despite living off-grid in the middle-of-nowhere, Alaska, I still succumb to the rat race on a regular basis. A daily engagement of battle between what I need, what I want, and what everybody else has. A daily struggle to find contentment with where I am, to learn from past decisions, and to make wiser decisionsContinue… Read more

  • 13 Things We Are Working On

    13 Things We Are Working On

    13 Homestead Happenings Read more

  • Floating on a Pink Cloud

    Floating on a Pink Cloud

    My daughter Primrose is asleep in her bed all by herself, which is very rare. Her sister, Marlena, is upstairs asleep in the Pack n Play. Their mother, Savanna, is asleep in her palace upstairs. Both dogs are asleep on the ground. The cat is outside hunting rabbits, birds, and mice. The quiet sounds ofContinue… Read more

  • Dead Duckling

    Dead Duckling

    My innocent daughter, Primrose, killed a duckling today. The poor kid. It brings her so much joy and excitement to hold them, to feed and water them, to sneak into the house to touch them and pet them, to be near them. But today, we made mistakes as parents by letting her stay inside theContinue… Read more